Diagnostics of machines and setting Prague

Our company specializes in machine diagnostics, which includes complete diagnostic measuring of machinery and detecting the actual condition of machinery in various fields of industry without the need for shutdown. The diagnostics of machines ensures the detection of emerging damages or disorders and determination of the defective part(s). Our company conducts the diagnostics of machines using high quality technology. We can analyze problems such as damaged bearings, imbalances, misalignment, abrasion and many others. Moreover, the diagnostics of machines includes measuring using thermovision.

Furthermore, we also offer complete spatial measuring using a geometric laser and subsequent set-up of the equipment using modern devices. Geometric measuring includes measuring perpendicularity, parallelism, linearity, temperature deformities etc. Only a few companies provide these services in the Czech Republic.

However, the diagnostics of machines is not our only field of activity. In addition to diagnostics, we also manufacture fences and gates, offer metal fabrication and custom manufacturing and all work for locksmithery and welding in Štětí, near the capital city Prague.

Locksmithery and welding Prague

Our services not only include the diagnostics of machines, but also services in the field of locksmithery. We conduct work in the field of locksmithery in our company in Štětí, near the capital city Prague. Among the services we offer in the field of locksmithery are repairs of machines and equipment, assembly of new and reconstructed machines, equipment and production lines and their relocation and renovation. Moreover, all forms of welding, tinsmith work and turning work fall under the locksmith category. For construction locksmithery, we ensure the production of metal components for building construction.

Fence and gate manufacturing Prague

At our company, we also make fences and gates. Services which ensure the manufacture of fences and gates include the manufacture and mounting of self-supporting, single and double leaf gates with drive systems and gateways and garage doors. Fences and gates are manufactured based on the customer’s requirements. Our company not only manufacturers fences and gates, and performs the diagnostics of machines or services in the field of locksmithery, but also provides metal fabrication and custom manufacturing.

Metal fabrication Prague

Our company’s fabrication of metal includes a wide scale of services. Work related to metal fabrication not only includes the manufacture and assembly of steel constructions, but also the completion of balcony railings for blocks of flats, staircase handrails, grilles and garage doors. Metal fabrication is also used in the revitalization of blocks of flats. Moreover, metal fabrication is connected with the manufacture of advertising stands, footbridges and various elements of building construction. Metal fabrication is conducted according to the requirements of customers.

Custom manufacturing Prague

Custom manufacturing at our company takes place based on the requirements of the customer. Custom manufacturing enables e.g. the completion of railings, grilles, gates, fences, staircases or metal footbridges. Moreover, custom manufacturing can be applied in the realization of school and urban furniture, various shelters and roofing. Custom manufacturing also includes the reconstruction of metal structures.